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Marius No.1

Dj Marius No.1 on the turntables

In the beginning was the DJ!

Marius No.1 is a Hip Hop Dj of the first hour, being Hamburg's first Hip Hop club's, the 'Defcon 5''s, resident Dj in 1988. He has also mixed and hosted the Norddeutscher Rundfunk's only Hip Hop show on air for 16 years. His work as a Dj and producer of Cora E soon made him known in Germany. Gigs on uncounted numbers of jams followed during which Marius No.1 always used 2 turntables at a time when many "Dj's" still scrathed to Dat's or CD's. It was also his steady contact to the scene that lead to various remixes for bands such as Tobi+Bo (Fünf Sterne Deluxe), FAB (Immo und Ferris MC), Main Concept, Too Strong, just to name a few (see discography). Marius No.1 is not a standard DJ but rather a "Hip Hop activist". Especially today, while most medias support more and more rap and less and less Hip Hop this has become a rarity. Marius No.1 Dj sets are always journies through the complete spectrum of Hip Hop and Funk, which are the basis on which he has optimated his repertoire, as well as his techniques for partyability. It is due to his years of practise that he is capable of charismatically selecting the right track at the right time with the certain feeling for situations. It is no coincidence that the clubs in which Marius No.1 was the the resident DJ, such as the Defcon 5, the Powerhouse, or the Funky Pussy Club were always very well reputed even far beyond Hamburg's city limits. Hip Hop music is Dj music and you can certainly feel the DJ influence on Marius No.1's Hip Hop Indie Label Chiefrocker Records. If Marius No.1 is behind the turntables you can always be sure of an excellent party. Freestyle rappers are never far off and every club event rapidly develops into a jam... This PARTY could be in your town soon ?!