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CHIEFROCKER RECORDS - The hip hop label

The Theory

The indie hip hop label Chiefrocker Records has been releasing hip hop vinyl on a high level since 1998. Founded by DJ Marius No.1, Chiefrocker has always focused on both the hip hop DJ as well as the ambitioned listener lover of music.

Chiefrocker at no means ever chose to use vinyl records as a promotion gag. Quite on the contrary, vinyl - the good old record - is the format on which timeless music takes place. It has also never been rap or the rapper in the focus of Chiefrocker releases but always the actual music itself.
While other, partially already history, hip hop labels descended on german hip hop only, Chiefrocker's motivation has always had a different nature. The problem many labels face nowadays is not mp3 downloads and burned CDs. The real problem is the lack of love for music and not least the fact that music is being produced for commerce of ring tones and videos instead of for the sophisticated listener. However I need not tell you - you are already here!

In practise

In 1998 Dj Marius No.1 could already look back on 6 years of recording experience when he released 'Stage Tools vol.1' with DJ Mirko Machine. This was also the beginning of Chiefrocker Records, DJ Marius No.1´s hip hop label for DJs, vinylists and music lovers. Both Marius No.1 & DJ Mirko are well established in the german hip hop Dj scene and it was the Chiefrocker label which published germany's first DJ-battle record (CR001). The next record was 'Raps Instinkt' EP with Nandy from 'Der schlechte Umgang' (bad influence) , followed by DJ Marius No.1's first LP "Owners Manual" (CR003), a production which could completely do without rap. Chiefrocker Records is certainly a hip hop label which does not see the MC in front.

One of Marius No.1´s first productions was "Könnt Ihr Mich Hören" (Can you hear me?), with Cora E at the time. This classic track has just recently been rereleased by Chiefrocker (CR005), needless to say on vinyl and 33Rpm. Collabos with US-rappers have also been issued on this indie hip hop label. Bas One, Hip Hop activist from California on "Heimfeld" EP (CR006) and Grand Agent from Philadelphia as well as Bukue One from Oakland (CR007) must be mentioned. However, Chiefrocker has always been open for the local scene, which also becomes clear in Chiefrockers support of the Hamburg based hip hop band Skunk Funk. "So Und Nicht Anders"(CR008), Skunk Funk's twelve inch, includes a legendary Marius No.1 RMX.
And DJ Marius No.1 himself has just added a new EP to his catalog called "Los Tracks" (CR009) with a lot of US features including Lootpack, DJ Novoxxx, Bukue One and others.
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Collector's Item

Los Tracks
Marius No.1

The Record Player
Marius No.1

Marius No.1

Könnt Ihr mich hören Re-Issue
Marius No.1 feat. Cora E.

Marius No.1

Owners Manual
Marius No.1

Raps Instinkt
Marius No.1 feat. MC Nandy

Stage Tools Vol.1
Marius No.1 und Mirko Machine